What Does The Lord Require?


We discussed Micah 6:6-8 last week in our Minor Prophet’s class. It is one of those passages that convicts me. God did want burnt offerings and yearly calves. He set the rules. The sacrificial system was set up by God because that is what God wanted. So the answer to verse 6 is yes! But the point of these verses is whether God is satisfied with burnt offerings and yearly calves alone. That becomes clear in verse 7. If I offered up thousands of rams, ten thousand rivers of oil and even my firstborn for my sin, but did not live justly, love kindness and submit humbly to God in my daily walk, It would not satisfy my God. Yes God wanted offerings, animal sacrifices and worship, but not apart from a life dedicated to Him and demonstrated by justice, mercy and humility.

I don’t believe that these three virtues completely fulfill the will of God but they suffice to make His point. It is what you do every day, not just Sunday in worship, that pleases or displeases God. That does not give us a license to skip assembling with Christians, to set aside the Lord’s supper or to spend our contribution on our own entertainment. It does tell us however that we can not trust in those rituals and offerings alone to please God. He desires more than just those things

God wants you to do justice. It means to actively promote justice before God by keeping His commandments and to live justly toward our fellow man every day. I would sum it up in the phrase, “Do the right thing”. The more we are in the Word of God the better we will recognize the right thing when we come upon it (Hebrews 5:12-14). Do justice means to maintain a right relationship toward God and toward our fellow man

He wants us also to love kindness. He doesn’t say just to do kindness, but to love it. I abhor the news these days. So much of it is intended to attract our attention, to scare us and to make us dependent on the media to interpret the events of the day for us. The whole news broadcast has become an editorial. It is refreshing once in a while when they have a human interest story. The other day there was a story about a man who stopped to help a woman with a child who was being accosted. He stood up. He ran the man off and rescued the woman and child. He was acting justly and I loved the kindness he showed. If we love kindness we will do kindness. We can show kindness in hope of getting a reward but God wants us to love kindness itself and act from that love.

Finally, God wants us to submit humbly to Him in our daily walk. There is no place for arrogance or superiority in Christianity! We have done nothing of greatness. It is God who has done it all. He desires our complete humble obedience to His commands and he desires us to place our fellow man’s needs even before our own. In other words, God wants us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and our neighbor as our self (Luke 10:27).

If we can do justice, love kindness and walk humbly before God we will be able to bring our offerings to God and He will accept our worship. In short God will be pleased.


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